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Some example of custom devices realized

All the units listed below were developed and manufactured in our laboratorys.

PTK: Project TimeKeeper

The PTK has been conceived to have a visual track of a (project) deadline. It is essentially a credit-card size (80 x 42 x 8mm) clock in which one programs the current date, the begin-of-project and the End-of-project date. The PTK shows the remaining (or past) of days to the End-of-project, graphically and numerically. 
It is based on a uEM6522 Ultra Low Power 4-bit microcontroller driving a custom-made LCD.


Zeus1: Custom device

Core unit of a fibre optic fusion splicer device.



SOFO: Custom device

This is the core unit of a battery-powered structural monitoring system (bridges, dams...) based on fibre optic sensors.

The unit is composed by:


BOA: Custom device

It is an embedded NC device used to orient fibre optic connectors on polarized fibres.

The unit is composed by:


EEG: Custom device

It is 2-channel electroencephalograph.